Water and Milk drop collision photography

Last year a friend of mine introduced me to water drop collision photography and I was hooked. Like snowflakes, water changes its shape with every drop, multiply that by two and you have a different collision between the rebounding drop and the second coming down. Add different thickeners and surface tension reducers, a variety of backgrounds, gels on the flashes, and food colouring to the liquids and you have yourself a very fun hobby where the possibilities are endless.  Being a child of a scientist and an artist, I embraced this rather technical challenge whole-heartedly and pushed the creative side to where I had never seen it before. I'm currently working on complex water & milk drop collision illustration series called "The Aliens" and hope to publish a book of poetry and illustrations soon. BUT I need your help! I have announced a contest to make this happen: https://www.facebook.com/mariannaa/posts/10220434318304280. I hope you will play along.