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Year in Review

As the 2020/2021 Photo Clubs seasons come to an end it's a good time to step back and review my entries in the two main associations I participated in: Canadian Association for Photographic Arts (CAPA) and Lakeshore Camera Club (LCC). I entered all possible competitions in both associations, which means 11 competitions for CAPA and 9 for LCC= a total of 68 images entered. Of these, 24 won one of the top 4 spots, including three Gold Medals and one Silver Medal plus several Honour Awards from CAPA. I was also honoured with the coveted "Photographer of the Year Award" by LCC. Here are my winning entries awarded by CAPA for their competitions this season in the Individual category.

My top 4 place finishing entries awarded by LCC:

It's been a very busy season and I feel satisfied with my results but also relieved that the competition season is over. I felt really stressed by constantly "chasing deadlines" for these and other International competitions so have decided to take a year-long sabbatical from entering and judging competitions in the coming season in order to focus on my own personal projects. These give me more creative freedom and personal satisfaction. You will see the outcome of just such a project this fall. Until then, have a great and safe summer!

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