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Luck is not enough

We photographers often go out to shoot what we encounter on an outing and figure that if we shoot enough we should get a few good shots. Well, sometimes that just doesn't happen for a variety of reasons: weather, wind, lack of inspiration or subjects. Sometimes luck just isn't enough. We need to Create our good shots.

Case in point is the image I created this past weekend. If you know anything about me you know I love shooting (not eating!) snails. The translucency of their shells can be explored when back lit, and their swirl-shell patterns lend themselves to a variety of great photo ops. I selected a very special snail with a fine pattern and considered a composition which would echo the swirl pattern. What better perch than another shell?! I found several huge snail shells in Florida and brought them back for just this purpose. Placing the live snail on a shell is simple, but not very effective. What makes the image below special is the reflection of the two, here in a shallow pool of water. You can also have an effective reflection in a sheet of dark glass.

bring your props together to form a unique composition

Sometimes it's good to nature a break and put yourself in control by planning a composition and working with your selected subject to come up with a unique image. Go ahead, be creative!

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